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Ishigami Sharyo
solves everything
related to cars with
its high technology.

Ishigami Sharyo provides one-stop solutions for everything related to vehicles, from vehicle sales to repairs, scrapping, parts purchase,
and recycling, with TCS (Total Car Life Support) as the cornerstone of our service.
We also focus on exporting vehicles and recycled parts overseas. We carefully select usable parts from vehicles manufactured in Japan and export them after they have been maintained by highly skilled and experienced technicians to ensure very high quality recycled parts.

High cutting skill

With its advanced cutting technology, the company can accurately cut any car or part into a predetermined shape.

Efficient transport of a wide variety of parts

By loading various shapes of parts into containers like a puzzle, we can transport a large quantity of parts at a time. High container loading technology is available.

More than 60,000 recycled parts in stock
at any given time

With over 60,000 recycled parts and over 700 car bodies in stock at any given time, we are able to respond quickly to any customer request.

Large inventory of
diesel engines

We stock a wide variety of quality diesel engines. We can respond to any of your needs with our extensive inventory.

We can collect the parts
you need from all over Japan!

Using our own network, we can collect various parts from all over Japan.

for the environment

Contributing to the Global Environment
through Automobile Recycling

Based on our policy of "contributing to the global environment through recycling,"
we aim to eliminate CO2 emissions and provide environmentally friendly services.
In addition, we are committed to the SDGs,
and the entire company is working toward a sustainable society.


Efforts at Eniwa Plant


Automobile Recycling Forest Project


Communicating the importance of protecting
the global environment through auto recycling


Employee Education System